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“We are out of beer.  All we have left is Skinnygirl cocktails” the bartender said to the dude wanting a drink.  It was near the end of the party and needless to say that guy walked away from the bar thirsty.  Wednesday night’s Tribeza Style Week event was all about the boys, and it was quite a different scene from the brunch on Sunday.  A mix of hipsters, dapper gentleman, and men in plaid pearl snaps all gathered for a night of booze, food, and fashion at Revival Cycles.  The custom and vintage motorcycle shop in East Austin provided an interesting setting for a style event and brought out a unique group of gentleman, a lot of whom you probably wouldn’t normally see at the fashion events around town.  Thanks to Bangers this event was not only metaphorically but also literally a sausage fest as dudes enjoyed bites from the popular new bar.  Denim, handkerchiefs in back pockets, tattoos, facial hair, and cuffed jeans with loafers ruled the night.  Show some love for these Austin boys:

Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish