Fashion Do or Don’t? : Overalls

One of my favorite catalogues to look at is always the Free People catalogue.  Their styling is sometimes so good that it tricks me.  The models look so cute covered in layer after layer of cotton and lace.  Then, when you go into the store you are immediately wondering how they got the clothes to look so cute.  Don’t get me wrong, they always have plenty of pieces that are attractive on their own, but I do think that their styling and their models is often what makes the clothes look extra stylish.  So, when I turned the page of the Free People September “London Edition” catalogue to find a chic blonde Kate Moss lookalike walking down the street looking effortlessly chic with her hands in the pockets of a pair of overalls, I had to stay skeptical.

For someone like myself who grew up in the 90s I have a distinct and vivid memory of when overalls were popular.  There’s actually a home movie collecting dust somewhere that involves me and my best friend jumping around both wearing denim overalls over white t-shirts singing a song that we wrote and recorded that I’m pretty sure was influenced by Sophie B. Hawkins’ “As I Lay Me Down.”  The year was 1995.

While they definitely will always be associated with the 90s, overalls actually seem to come and go (very swiftly) every few years.  In fact, I remember buying a spin on the classic overalls sometime during college that was a white overall dress.  Yes, it was hideous.  I wore it at least once because there is sadly still photographic evidence of it.  Seeing the photos of that outfit is what made me realize overalls on an adult is a bit sketchy.  When wearing overalls it’s unfortunately way too easy to look like a 2 year old wearing OshKosh B’Gosh (does that company still exist?).  But, if you have been shopping, checking out the runway shows, or browsing catalogues recently you have seen that overalls are back.  While I actually like the idea of overalls (they are kind of like a romper and the man repeller side of me loves a good onesie), I’m not sure I am able to pull them off.  It’s a risky trend that I personally might save for the dressing room.  Or, maybe I should just jump in and give it a whirl.  Because like Santino says, “lighten up it’s just fashion!

What do you think?  Will you dare to rock overalls this fall?

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2 Responses to “Fashion Do or Don’t? : Overalls”

  1. Ashley says:

    No way I’m wearing overalls! The NSync pic is hilarious!

  2. Ahmadou says:

    Overalls can def. be hot!

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