I walked away from Joie de Vie Salon on Saturday night thirsting for a pool to jump into.  It was one of those Austin summer nights (about 100 degrees outside, and dare I say even hotter inside Joie de Vie?)  The venue was packed and everyone was sweating with anticipation to see the collaboration amongst Electric Frenchie, Bloomers, Shari Gerstenberger of Charm School Vintage, and Erika Pinktipps.  Shari and Erika have recently curated a special vintage collection for Electric Frenchie called “Time Capsule.”  The Time Capsule collection accessorized with flowers by Bloomers was the palette for stylist Jenny Woys to play with.

Jenny had some great pieces to use in the show, but she styled them together magically to create a really enticing and atypical fashion show!  I loved how the show had a mix of modern and vintage with varying decades, but still had a pulled together cohesive feel and look.  Even though I was sure my face had melted off (and not in the good way), I was still kinda sad for the show to end.  This was a fun and playful fashion show to end the first night of Austin Fashion Week showcase events!  And Saturday’s events overall made me excited about the week to come!

Chonie of Electric Frenchie and stylist Jenny Woys



Joanna Wilkinson

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