Isabella Rose Taylor walking the runway in her own design

In fashion there’s nothing worse than a designer attempting to design for an audience they don’t understand.  I can still remember being 11 years old and how hard it was to go shopping and find clothes that not only fit, but also looked the part.  “Who is making these clothes?!” I thought.  It obviously wasn’t someone who understood what I as my tween self wanted to look like.

Isabella Rose Taylor is the designer who understands just what the 11 year old girl wants to dress like.  Why?  Because she herself is 11 years old!  A tween designing for tweens?  Now that’s a genius idea!  Isabella Rose is actually a true genius, being a member of MENSA and having just enrolled in classes at UT.  The Austinite showed her own fashion line “Isabella Rose” last night on the Driskill runways for Austin Fashion Week, and everyone was blown away.  Let’s face it, some of us are just born with talent.  Isabella was definitely born to create, as she started painting at age 3 and hasn’t stopped creating since.  Isabella has been sewing for 2 years now, makes her own patterns, and has now made 3 fashion collections.

But just because you’re born talented doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed.  It’s clear that Isabella has put a lot of creativity and hard work into her art work, but her parents have also played an important role in her success.  Friend of Isabella and fashion illustrator Stephanie Jimenez says she met Bella while teaching at the Austin Fashion School of Design two years ago.  Stephanie says “Isabella’s parents have done an amazing job at keeping her humble and grounded despite how intelligent and talented she is.  Isabella and I both know that she wouldn’t be where she is without the crazy love and support of her parents Sherri and Cesar.”

Not only was it amazing to see a collection by an 11 year old walk the runway, what was even more amazing was the quality of the collection.  “Isabella Rose” is sophisticated and chic clothing that still retains a sense of youth and playful charm, perfect for the in-between girl.  Some noteworthy pieces from the collection include Isabella’s self-portrait graphic tee, the cropped motorcycle jacket, and the simple faux leather dress that ended the show.  Seeing what she has already achieved at age 11, I can’t wait to see what’s next for this amazingly talented young girl!  Unfortunately “Isabella Rose” is not available to buy online yet, and they are working right now to try and get the line in stores.  But, it’s only a matter of time for 11 year old Isabella Rose.

a graphic tee showing Isabella’s own self portrait 

Joanna Wilkinson

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