A few weeks ago I was surprised and flattered to have my friend Heather Curiel who is an amazing photographer here in town ask me to model for her.  Heather shot this wedding hair How To Tutorial using me as the hair model, and Erica Gray as the hair and make up artist.  The focus was braids, and Heather not only photographed but also stepped in to do some of the hair styling! It was a little strange to actually be a real model for a day, but it was also really fun!  Plus, I walked away with a stellar braided do and got many compliments later that day at Epoch coffee.  Check out the full post on Green Wedding Shoes to see the photos and learn how to do several lovely braided hair dos yourself!

My own personal tip: leave your hair in braids overnight with some hairspray and the next day when you take them out and brush through, your hair will be wavy and awesome.


Joanna Wilkinson

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