To have great style takes strength, confidence, and independence.  My Mom has always encompassed all of these qualities.  She is the most beautiful woman I have ever known and she continues to still amaze me every day.  Not only is she gorgeous to look at (did I mention that she was an actual beauty queen?)  But my Mom has always had the kindest and most positive upbeat spirit of anyone I have ever known.  Always laughing and smiling, I am so proud to have her as my mom.

The other day my Mom told me she wished she still had all of her dresses from the 60s and 70s, and, I wish she did too!  I would wear them all the time!  A little look at my Mom’s style back in her heyday – an evolution from the 60s to the 70s:

hair in curlers while camping!! diva!

the cutest peter pan collar dress ever! I want it!

first bridesmaid dress

My mom’s face in that photo is the typical face she would make when opening a present from my Dad, even years later.  A look of excitement/fear/shock at what weird present it was this time!

My absolute favorite style photo of my Mom.  I want her shoes and her glasses in this photo.  She looks so chill.

I love you Mom!

Joanna Wilkinson

Keep Austin Stylish