“I get to interview Brad Goreski!” I said it so excitedly to my brother-in-law who was the first person in my family to answer the phone.  But, I should have known that my brother-in-law would have no idea who Brad Goreski was.  Not only does my sister’s husband not know anything about fashion or really have an interest in it (besides obsessively reading my blog of course).  But, he also happens to not watch anything on the Bravo network.  In other words, my brother-in-law lives in a completely separate world from me.  To someone like myself who goes to at least one fashion show a week, and never has to change the channel on their TV because everything they watch is on Bravo, Brad Goreski is a pretty big deal.  So, I was maybe kinda really excited when I found out I would get some one on one time with Brad while he was in Austin promoting his new book, “Born to Be Brad.”

Those who don’t know Brad should know that he gained fame by first working with celebrity wardrobe stylist Rachel Zoe before branching out to become a full-time stylist on his own.  Following his work with Rachel and his appearance on her reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project“, Brad decided to take on the fashion world sans Zoe gaining his own show on Bravo, “It’s a Brad Brad World“.  Besides his old-school dapper way of dressing, what I love most about Brad is that he appears to truly love what he is doing and smiles while he’s working hard to achieve his goals.  In person, Brad was a complete sweetheart and even tried to make my friend Josh (who was so nice to come along to the interview to help me out and admittedly was looking very unstylish that day) seem silly when he told Brad he was lacking style that day.  Brad could have called him out, or laughed at him for wearing a backwards baseball cap and a Peckerheads t-shirt to a wardrobe stylist’s book signing, but Brad didn’t.

I got to sit down with Brad and ask him a few questions about style, his new book, as well as his boyfriend Gary Janetti, check it out:

Bow ties and glasses abound, everyone who came out to Brad’s book signing at Brooks Brothers downtown was clearly influenced by Brad (at least for that day) and came dressed in style with their own personal take on the Brad uniform:

My Q&A with Brad:

Bright colors and color blocking has been a big trend recently that you have been a big supporter of.  Are there any trends that you have chosen not to participate in or any that you wish you hadn’t participated in?

Well, there are many trends I wish I hadn’t participated in and many of them are documented in my book.  Actually I don’t know if they were so much trends, but things I was just feeling at the time.  But as far as trends I haven’t wanted to participate in, I feel like it’s my job as a stylist to experiment with those trends, and the ones I feel like I might not be able to execute properly are the ones I should experiment with the most.  I try to embrace as many trends as possible because the more I have to offer my clients, the better.

One of the style challenges here in Austin is the weather.  What advice do you have for someone who is trying to stay chic in the summer when temperatures are in the triple digits?

I think it’s about wearing tropical fabrics.  I would say investigating fabrication such as tropical wools, obviously linens, and light cottons.  But I think there’s a lot of variety within those fabrics and you should make sure to play with color and pattern.  And always make sure you have good footwear, no matter what the weather is.

You’ve been on the road for awhile now promoting your new book, Born To Be Brad.  Tell me a little bit about your book and what you think people might be surprised to find out about you from reading?

Well, I can’t give away too many details. But, the book is autobiographical and it’s part memoir, part style guide.  I really wanted to write the book at this point in my life because I really do feel like a big chapter of my life has closed and a whole other chapter is opening.  In terms of also complementing my show It’s a Brad Brad World I felt like during the process of filming I had decided that I would be very honest about my past and honest about what’s happening with me and my life right now, so I thought I would get it all down on paper for my fans to read.

Your boyfriend of almost 11 years, Gary Janetti, is a big part of your show, It’s a Brad Brad World.  He also happens to be my number one favorite person to follow on Twitter because every tweet is a little gold nugget of hilarity.  With your newfound fame and both of your chaotic schedules, how do you keep your relationship “normal” and sane?

Thank god for iPhones.  I send lots of pictures and we text sporadically throughout the day and try to talk on the phone every single day.  But I also try to sneak home whenever I can, if I have a day or 2 days no matter where I am I try and fly home to see him or sometimes he joins me.  But, I think we have a very strong foundation and he’s very proud of me and really happy for my success at the moment.  And we have a big vacation this summer that we’re very happy about.  We’ll have 2 weeks together which seems like a luxury these days.

What’s next for you after your book tour?  Will we be seeing another season of It’s a Brad Brad World?

Hopefully! We are still waiting for the pickup from Bravo.  But, I have clients going to the White House correspondence dinner, the Met ball, and then summer movie season starts.  So I’ll be really busy focusing mostly on styling but I’ll be happy to investigate any other projects that may come up.


What I’m loving about Brad’s book is that he is very open and honest about his past and where he came from.  The book takes you on a journey through Brad’s life to show how he went from being a small town kid in Canada styling Barbie dolls to becoming famous for styling celebrities in Hollywood.  Brad admits his life “hasn’t been all bow ties and glasses.  It’s been glamorous but rough at times.”  Brad writes about all the troubles he has had to face throughout every point in his life such as bullying, weight issues, a difficult relationship with his father, and even his past addiction to drugs.  But, in between getting to know Brad and the difficulties he has had to face, you will also find plenty of silly important style advice like “Nine Things Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe” and “What You Can Learn From Drag Queens.”

Brad’s book “Born To Be Brad” is out in book stores everywhere!


Joanna Wilkinson

Keep Austin Stylish