I am always so impressed and intrigued with jewelry designer Margot Wolf.  I love how incredibly hands on she is with her designs and I love the fact that she does all her own casting.  I went to go check out her trunk show at By George the other day to see her new Spring Collection because I knew she would have some interesting new pieces.  One of Margot’s signature techniques is that she casts organic specimens from nature directly into metal.  Margot says this technique seems particularly relevant at this time of year.  Taking advantage of Spring time, in her new collection, Margot added a series of stud earrings which are all cast from dried flower buds.  Each earring is cast from a different bud making each earring a little bit different from all the others.  I love how non-cookie cutter her pieces are!

A new element that Margot added into her Spring collection is black diamonds.  Margot says the “Wicked” ring with its row of black diamonds is her favorite new ring.  “The asymmetry gives it a really unique twist that you don’t often see and there’s something about black diamonds, maybe its the dark opaqueness, that feels mysterious and magical.”  While I agree with Margot that the black diamond ring is beautiful and unique, my personal favorite piece from Margot’s collection is the starfish ring.  I have a love of the ocean and all things beach related so I may be a little biased, but this ring also stands out because of  its versatility.  The starfish ring is just the first sample of a series of jewelry pieces that will be reversible so that both sides can be worn.  I’ve never seen a ring like this before, and I am adding the starfish ring to my Summer wish list.  Margot is still in the product development phase of creating these reversible pieces and is also working on adding more bright colored enamel pieces into her collection.  As always, I can’t wait to see even more of her work in the future!

Wicked ring with black diamonds

reversible Starfish ring

 Margot Wolf’s jewelry is available for purchase at By George on South Congress.


Joanna Wilkinson

Keep Austin Stylish