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I first met Tiffany Tso about a year ago.  Both being Austin bloggers, we were seated next to each other at the Austin Fashion Week kick off event where the other Tiffany performed (I will forever associate the two Tiffany’s with one another).  Tiffany (the one born in the 80s, not the pop star in the 80s) gave me some insight into where I should go shopping in Taiwan, where I was about to take a trip and where Tiffany’s family is originally from.
After that, I ran into Tiffany at many stylish events around town where I got a good feel for Tiffany’s personal style.  The thing that stands out to me about Tiffany among other Austinites is that she gives off a vibe with her outfits that is more urban, downtown, and a bit more rough than what most girls in Austin tend to wear.  But what Tiffany does have in common with most of the girls in Austin (that I personally know at least) is that she has about a million projects going on all the time.  Tiffany is the Austin Nylon Daily Editor for Nylon Magazine, contributes to Bleach Online and styles for them occasionally, is the manager of, the Editor-in chief of The Horn, works with Star Lee on the denim pieces for Dog & Pony, AND runs her own personal blog Austin is Burning.  When she’s not working, you might find this East Austin gal getting tacos at Taco-Mex or El Chilito, renting movies at Vulcan, record shopping, going to bars such as The Grand, or vintage shopping.
Check out my photo shoot and Q&A with Tiffany Tso…
Leopard pants: by Evil Twin
Bralet top: H&M
Leather vest: DIY vintage from Buffalo
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Cross necklace (sadly stolen from me): from Laced With Romance
sunglasses: from Las Cruxes
rings: Gretchen Von Eberstein all-seeing eye and FancySexyMe spikes ring from Dog & Pony
high waist jeans: BDG
Blouse: from Filin
Collar tips: from Asos
Creepers: by Underground
Hat: from American Icon
Galaxy print dress: from
disco shorts: from AA
Boots: by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
Dagger rosary: by Pamela Love
Here’s what Tiffany had to answer to my hard and trying questions about political world affairs and the economy (wait, what? I forgot what kind of blog I was writing for a second):
How would you describe your personal style?
That’s a really hard question to answer, but here’s a shot in the dark: thematic, casual, slightly boyish, extreme at times.
Who or what do you look to for style inspiration?
I love watching movies with good styling, whether it’s a silent film with Lillian Gish or an 80s movie with Nick Cage or Sex and the City. I also occasionally check out personal style blogs of people who are a little more extreme, like Vintage Virgin or DI$COUNT. Plus, Tumblr has kind of opened up a new door for me, with all these photos of cute girls showing up in my Dashboard everyday.
Do you have a go-to accessory that you never get sick of wearing?
I don’t really accessorize much, honestly. I have this all-seeing eye ring Gretchen Von Eberstein made that I have been wearing a lot recently, again. I can just never get myself in the habit of putting something on every day.
Do you have any embarrassing style moments? Any trends you wish you hadn’t followed?
I guess middle school and high school had some messy moments. I won’t lie, I kind of jumped on that plastic jewelry and bright colors scene-y weenie phase that happened when I was a freshman or so. I had braces and wore glasses a lot at the time, too, so practically every picture from that era is a bad one. You can’t be too embarrassed of your choices when you were that young and impressionable though.
If a friend came into town and wanted to go shopping, what stores in Austin would you take them to?
Vintage stores on S. Congress (New Bohemia, Feathers, Prototype), definitely Laced With Romance, Dog & Pony, Filin, Stag, Co-Star, Room Service, Domy Books, Charm School Vintage, Las Cruxes and then to the RBM to buy some sodas and sweet teas. I’m just really thirsty right now.
What fall/winter items are you most excited to get to start wearing in the cooler weather?
I suppose jeans. I could do without the huge dreadlock that forms on the back of my neck from wearing jackets every day.
What’s your favorite thing about fashion in Austin?
I like that the personal style here is really tuned into individual characters rather than mass runway trends. It’s not about wearing labels for the truly stylish people here. Also, there is a lot of great vintage, of course.
Your least favorite thing about fashion in Austin?
Everybody gripes about the UT girl style, so I’m not going to delve into that. I kind of wish we had more independent high-end stores, rather than mostly only chain ones — not that I could really afford it. Though it also bothers me when people refuse to spend more than Forever 21 prices for really good quality stuff, be it independent designer labels or quality vintage pieces, just because there are things similar to it at cheap mall store. A lot of people can’t seem to grasp that some clothing is priced higher because the quality, fabric, design is actually better, and it is going to last you a lot longer than something cheap.

Thanks for keepin Austin stylish, Tiffany!
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