What: Austin Pysch Fest
Where: The Mohawk
When: August 12, 2011
Sometimes in Austin when you combine Rock n’ Roll with Fashion, you get a specific look.  It’s a little 70s inspired and a little bohemian.  If last night you wore something Janis Joplin would have worn, then you probably fit in.

I think the Austin Psych Fest attendees were not only influenced by the music, but also by some of Austin’s best boutiques, Laced with Romance, Feathers, and Dog and Pony.  The boutiques brought their latest styles for their pop up shops which featured lots of vintage, the new Dust and Drag and Rima Hyena Collaboration, Altered Vision designs by Nikki Cloud, and DIY jorts from Dog and Pony with some mischievously placed studded crosses.

Check out what everyone was rockin:

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