It wasn’t technically an official Austin Fashion Week event, but it was officially one of my favorite shows of Austin Fashion Week.  Besides actually being f*ing hot (we were all packed in Hush like sardines in a sweaty can), the aptly named “So F*ing Haute” show contained some of the most interesting and unique styling that I saw all week.  What was most surprising about this show is that it was the first ever show by the creative duo, the Champagne Derelicts.  The Champagne Derelicts are a team of stylish Austinites comprised of Hunter Lohse and Jenny Woys, who you may or may not have seen rocking some interesting outfits out and about at fashion events around town. 
Hunter and Jenny, whether it’s hit or miss, are always behind clothes that make you stop and pay attention.  I must admit, I can only best describe the looks from Friday night that were styled by Hunter as a 70s porn version of Scott Disick.  It’s probably difficult to imagine most guys you know attempting to rock the Dapper Tramp look.  But for an underground sweaty runway show in Austin, it worked.  But, personally, my favorite pieces were worn by the ladies.  When the piece by Tracy Tenpenny that was like a panier skirt made up of nails strutted down the runway, I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped.  Where and when can I wear a bustle made of nails?  Someone create this badass event for me… 
Then to make the show complete, Jenny Woys’ designs walked the runway creating a perfect contrast to Tracy Tenpenny’s rough and hard designs with her airy and natural aesthetic.  The final looks, which used feathers and hair as materials, were a great mystical end to a fun and inspiring runway show.  I’m intrigued to see what’s next for the Champagne Derelicts.
The Dapper Tramp

Gallery D

Charm School Vintage
The Dapper Tramp Part 2
Dog and Pony
Black Swan Theory
Tracy Tenpenny Design

Trendvixen by Jenny Woys

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