It’s hard to stand out when you are a jewelry designer in Austin.  There are over 100 designers participating in Austin Fashion Week this year and a majority of those are jewelry makers.  But what makes Austin based designer Margot Wolf stand out is not only her unique designs, but the professional result her hands on talent and skill creates.  It’s easy to find hand made jewelry in Austin, but it’s not as easy to find handmade jewelry in Austin that doesn’t look like an arts and crafts project.
Margot Wolf has been making jewelry for almost a decade now, so she’s no newbie to the scene.  Although she didn’t always know jewelry making would be her craft, from the moment she picked up her first jewelry-making tools she was hooked.  Margot fell in love with jewelry making and feels empowered to have found the perfect outlet for her creativity.  Her pieces are inspired by every avenue of her life from industrial elements such as a rusty nut from antiquated machinery, the fletching of an arrow, or even nature in its most pure and original form.  Margot often casts found natural specimens into metal, mainly silver, bronze, and gold vermeil.  Items that most people would find disturbing or treat as garbage such as a found dead scorpion corpse, Margot finds inspiring and beautiful.
Hearing her describe the process of using a cuttlefish bone to make one of her rings was intriguing and made me realize the skill and creativity that goes into each one of her pieces.  While her pieces are simple and can easily be layered with patterned garments or other jewelry, is is the uniqueness of her work that still makes her designs eye-catching.

Currently Margot Wolf’s jewelry can be found at the local boutique By George.  But coming soon in Fall 2011 she will be opening her first showroom on East 11th Street where she will be able to constantly keep new designs on display.

Her Fall 2011 collection will be released during Austin Fashion Week with a sneak peak party taking place on Tuesday night August 23 at the Hill Country Galleria boutique 2die4.

Wednesday night August 24th her collection will be officially launched at MOSS Designer Consignment.  Both parties will have an open bar and are catered by WestEasts.  I highly recommend going to check out her designs!

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